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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The End

Okay  so it has been more than a day.

  Here is the thing about crisis, mishaps, and well even blogging: While they are happening  everything else keeps on going.

I mean it is not like your dirty laundry went on strike to give you a break, or your family decided to fast so you could skip making dinner.

No it all keeps rolling on, and as much as I wanted to finish this story the next day,
 I had to do those things I NEEDED to do instead of the things I WANTED to do.
In light of this revelation I will be doing something new but first on to the end.

Beginnings are great and endings can be sad but for this trip  the end was welcome.

The ticket "incident" , as we are referring to now, was interesting.
 Apparently the officer who pulled me over had tracked me several miles back doing 78 in a 60.
 He was out of his vehicle and waving and pointing at me to pull over.  He asked if I had seen him doing that.

"Yes," I said "I saw you flapping your arms back there and pointing, but I didn't know it was meant for me.'
Officer:  "What did you think it was for? "

Me:  "I don't know I just thought you wanted everyone over in the right hand lane"

Officer:  "Where are you headed?"

Me:  "Home, thank God. We have had the worst trip with 2 sets of car trouble"

Officer :" I tracked you at 78 in a 60 and you failed to pull over when I signaled you"

Me: " Okay, well I have never been pulled over from the front before I guess that is how long ago I got a ticket so I didn't know what you were doing"  (honest but not the best choice)

Officer:  "This ticket will be at least $250 when your over 15 miles above the speed limit"

Me; (deep breathe here)  "Great , oh course it will , why wouldn't it be?
 This has already been the trip from Hell so lets just top it off.
 Here is my registration and license"

Officer (now staring and peeking in the back seat to see Happy Mouth and Rollercoaster with their mouths ajar)  "Th-Th-Thanks I'll be right back" 
Off he goes to run my plates

I  now burst in to tears because the pressure is just too much.
 I can't run a mile,
 I can't drink a glass of wine,
I have no other release here.

He has seen this look on a woman before . 
The teeter totter of emotions.

That" I- could -snap -at-any- moment look."

I bet he was thinking  "I bet this lady is crazy enough to come back here and protest this and make my life a train wreck."

Officer:  "Mrs. Hill , your record is clean and it sounds like you have had a heck of a trip, so  I am just going to give you a warning and hope you have a safe trip back. We are out in record numbers today, so watch your speed."  
He hands me the papers back from a safe distance.

Me: "Oh ,thank you.  I will.''

I really need to thank the woman in his life.

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  1. WOW. did you need that or what?! i'm so glad. he just did not have to do that, but you SOOO needed that act of kindness! (i'm so glad for him)