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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun Facts

So we have filled our time with everything we can in this town.
 So after that 15 seconds we just had to rely on our own creativity.
Something our family is not in short supply of!!

Here are a few fun facts we found out about Madison County, Florida.

  • It has exactly 4 stoplights (we only saw one)
  • The Best Western was a great place to stay.
  • Madison is a wealth of hidden pre and early 1900's history
  • It is home to a boarding house owned by a widow with 6 children in the 1920's . Apparently a boarder died in one of the room and forever became know as "the dead man room" (like what else would you call it?) 
Anyway according the to the Madison Chamber of Commerce:  "The children were sent to this room when they misbehaved."


 Okay I don't know about you but thanks to Madison's crazy widow and TLC shows  I am sooooooo in the running for Mama of the Year!!!
  • Dr. Yates brought the first static electric machine to the state of Florida in 1902 and opened Madison's first sanitarium in 1914.
Is it me or is anyone seeing a connection here?                Electrical, that is....

Finally  the best fun fact about Madison , Florida has to simply be
  • It's off the beatin' path but it was a path worth beatin'!!!
Stop on by if your ever near .....................

or just broke down.


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  1. that mama was MEAN.

    one day if my kids are really REALLY bad , i might be so mean as to tell them about that other mama just to let them know how sweet a deal they got. : )