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Monday, June 6, 2011

As I write this,  I am finally alone.   I am in the Best Western in Madison.
Yes we decided to "Stay a Spell"-- Thanks to a worthless alternator.

The family has gone swimming and I have decided to stay in the room just to hear the sound of



Diane and Terry did indeed have to run us to the next exit down or "into town" as we were told in order to find lodging for the night.
 Danny has towed our car to Jimmy who is now in charge of finding an alternator for  a Honda in Smalltown, USA on a Sunday.

We can all do the math here:

Broken car+Small town+Sunday= Stayin' a Spell

We have two choices The Best Western or The Days Inn , which is owned by Jimmy's family (of course it is).

We opt for the Best Western because it has a pool
 PLUS (bonus coming here)        THE:

Yeah!!!  The Waffle House!!!!
Where your eggs can get cooked by a convict!!!! Who Hoo!!
When I announced the Waffle House fine dining option  Rollercoaster's exact words were
"Were living Big now!"
That's the spirit I thought!!     L-O-V-E that girl!!

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  1. oh MAN. enjoy the silence. Y'all have kinda... been through a LOT. You should really get away and have a vacation. Or something.
    OH! RIGHT! Nevermind. How insensitive. ; )