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Friday, June 24, 2011

Africa -17 Days away

Well  Wed has come and gone  and I have done one project
A pitiful one........
I spray painted 3 candle holders form the dollar store .
That's it
My BIG  think off the I Want To List
I have 5 more steps to go before the project is finished. 
Hey Rome wasn't built in a day!!

I have too much going on  and its good things!!

I spent Thursday  with Happy Mouth and preparing for Africa.

She has a beautiful hot pink trunk

filled with all things Africa!!

Baby wipes (for the only form of "shower" she can take)
2 packs of Wmart panties (they will go down the "hole"-not making the trip back)
Flashlight and extra batteries
Sleeping bag (deluxe sleeping accommodations in the tent)
Hand sanitizer (aka hand wash)
Bible (travel size to leave with the village)
Journal (So she can record all the adventure)
4 long dresses (respectable cultural dress)
Passport necklace (so she doesn't SET IT DOWN ANYWHERE)
Shock proof, water proof camera (in other words Happy Mouth Proof!!)
A international travel text plan (for the 2-5 days she will actually be in a service area)

That's is what is in her trunk

This is what is in her heart:

Passion (to go where God calls her)

Excitement (for all things new)

Adventure ("I will drink the blood clot -it is supposed to be good luck")
 Insert a horrific look on my face here.
and most importantly

Hope (void of all fear)

I think she will be fine.

I on the other hand  am accepting all tequila donations.

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  1. I like her passion. I am horrified at this definition of adventure OH MY GOSH I may never get that out of my head?!?!

    ; )