Stuff to know

The Natives

Bamamama (me)
The Alpha Female in a estrogen packed fun house. Doing her best to love and know God, raise her beautiful daughters, and stay madly in love with her husband. What else could there be?The Natives

Happy Mouth
 a highly illusioned female who things she is the Alpha of the home, 17 and social, always speaking, thinks out loud on a regular basis, fun and oh so hard to discipline.

a tender-hearted 14 year old, navigating the trenches of middle school mean girls, gangly boys, and changing emotions like the Gulf Coast weather, every 15 minutes.

artistic 10 year old. A true "tweener" who still catches frogs and other critters while sporting the latest neon nail polish. She earned her name honestly from Forrest Gump. She has shown up randomly in the background of so many pictures (not just ours), and seems to be oddly in the right place at the right time.

Mr. Rogers
The glue. The man of patience and kindness who has a calm that I cherish, envy, and resent all at once. He is not too exciting (thank God I came and rescued him) but He is steadfast. And that after 20 years of marriage is truly