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Monday, December 19, 2011

at the waters edge

We have almost completed the water challenge--
and thank you for being patient with the
missed posts here and there

We will end the challenge on Christmas Eve
so Christmas Day all will be back to normal
as far as our lives and how we use water

but I hope that  our thinking will not be back to normal

I hope our thoughts seek and take on a new normal

I hope water takes on its own life
in our minds

That each time we use water we view it differently

and gratefully

But I hope our thoughts
to words
and our words
turn to

and I hope it doesn't end there

I hope our actions
turn into habits
and our habits turn
into our new character
it turns into
our destiny

I hope we (and I am meaning "I" here )  get

Tomorrow's challenge is to
get to the water's edge,

and dive in!

Every time you drink a glass of water
Pray for the thirsty

When you shower, brush your teeth, use the restroom
Think of Africa, Bolivia, Any where without

Any time you use water tomorrow
Act on behalf of those in need
 Give something                                     
Sell something


Saturday, December 17, 2011

3 times

The water challenge is winding down and Christmas is gearing up.

My challenge and hope in giving up something water related everyday
was so that we would consider how
fortunate we are to have a basic need
like water

I hope awareness was also brought to how dependant we are
on water , and how difficult it would
be to go without it
for a single act i.e. cooking, showering. washing
or even a single day

As Christmas consumes our thoughts
I hope we as Americans
will not buy into all that we "need"
and realize that we have what we need.

I'm not pointing fingers

I'm looking in a mirror

I have everything I need

and most everything of what I want
 ( Mr. Rodgers says I'm low maintenance materialistically.  A corona, sunset  and family and I'm good --emotionally , well that is a different tale)

So this season our family has decided to skip the big gifts

We are headed to a cabin of a friend in NC for TIME together

No cell phone coverage (hadn't broke that news to the youngin's yet)
No cable
No Internet (wait for the scream  around the 23rd)

Just US.
Happy Mouth heads to college next year ,
and our family life will be different.
It all went too fast and
 I am not dealing with it pitifully well.
But that is a whole nother story.

Now we will spend money ,
 its true, on things we want.

But we are systematically trying to wean ourselves from our current reality of MORE
 that we foolishly bought into.

To some our standard of living might seem modest. 
While we live next to the Joneses, we could care less about keeping up with them.
Much less socializing with them.

But we like everyone. spend our money where we want to.

And we are fortunate enough to have money  to do that -Above our needs.

But we are scaling back. 
We simply  do not need.

And it is a wonderful place to be.

I hope that my heart will continue to grow in ways that are pleasing to God.
I hope the girl in the mirror ( and no Michael Jackson lyrics please)
 looks way deeper into the reflection

I hope she sees needs that are yet unmet,
and then I hope she moves her feet-
away from the mirror
and towards meeting those needs.

Dig Deep Give Well has made a huge impact on our family.
Rollercoaster is planning on going next summer to Africa  as well.

We have plans to put in 5 wells next summer.
I hope you will join us in giving a basic need to so many,  and I hope you will consider giving it out of your wants.
That you will trade your wants for an other's needs.

And that each time we look in the mirror our reflection will look a lot more like Jesus than us.

I hope that like the Grinch who stole Christmas
that God will make my heart grow too big big to be contained .
And they will say in
"Wantville" that   her heart grew
three sizes that day.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Today is the all day fast from water

Nothing to drink adn no using any water at all

I think we will all be surprised (and thirsty) at the things we have to let go of today

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What it Means

tomorrow's challenge:

take the hardest challenge of the past challenges and repeat it

but also please share it

if you have done the water challenges:
 all of them , a few or even one

drop me a comment and let me know what you did
and how it went

what it

and what it CAN mean.

Monday, December 12, 2011

water challenge

Recovering from the sickness which now seems to be manifested in my eyes only.

Oh well

Tomorrowas challenge is simple:
NO botteld water

Just drink straight out of the tap
Fill any cup or bottle out of the tap

and know that your unfiltered tap water is
extrememly safe
and cleaner than 95% of the world's access of water
(especially if you live in the U.S or Europe)

Heres to tap Water!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

so sorry

I'm so sorry I have missed a few challenges.

I have been sick,
not just under the weather
or yuk icky sick

but really increasingly sick.

And yesterday it all reared its ugly head-

in a mutant dragon like fashion!
an accurate picture of the germ attacking me!!
So I am truly sorry for the delay. 

As I type this it is Saturday at 3:00 in the afternoon.

I have been vertical for about 30 total minuted since last night.

I have been drinking tons of water, keeping it by my bed

 sipping it between hacks and gags.

As much as I am drinking why I am still dry as a bone?

Where in the world is my body taking it?

As sick as I am, I'm totally grateful

I'm in a warm bed

with cool water at my side

and a Walgreens down the corner.

I will recover from this illness,

I will be myself again in a few days
and I all will be back to normal.

It's just a wicked cold/infection of some sort.

If I didn't  have water  my outlook would be different

It could lead to a much worse condition and possibly catching
another type of infection.

But at the very least it would prolong the illness without a doubt.

So today's post is not so much about what water product to give up
but about thinking and dwelling on
ALL that we have

simply available 

and being grateful.

But I really want everyone to be able to have the simple gift of water.

And more than that :
 To let them know that they are loved .

Loved by God Almighty.

How will they know?

We will show them.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friday Water challenge

Fridays challenge is really a think through more than anything else

But imagine getting a simple scrape or cut

And then imagine having either no water to wash it off with

or having to wash it with diseased ridden filthy water.



Yeah I know eww!!

Anyway if you get or bump or bruise or your child does
think on these things
or even take the challenge and don't wash it off

See what it looks like the day after not washing it off-  definitely gonna be worse off

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So today was filled with leftovers:


Leftover Food, Leftover Time, and Leftover Lists!!!

I thought I was productive until I flipped the paper over and saw the rest  of the list!!!

Oh well.

We cooked nothing today. 
We used the good ole microwave and reheated a few things
(that didn't take water to cook the first time)

I had leftover hummus, croutons, chips, salsa, a graham cracker , some celery and a glass of milk!!

Now that's a leftover meal.

It did NOT look like this!
 I'm not even sure what the kids had.

We all ate in shifts
, and no one ate at the table b/c I can't even see it!!

We have a wee bit of decluttering to do!!!

So random eating in various locations does not exactly equal the" little house on the prairie" moment
but I thank God its not the Simpsons!

So bellies full we are off to bed -
Another day beckons and I need the energy for the "leftovers" on the LIST!!

Tomorrow's challenge is this :  NO cleaning that requires water!!

Yeah you're off the hook- 
if anyone questions you tell 'em  Bamamama put you on a water challenge and your staying true!!!

Not buying in?

Well I'll leave you  with a favorite quote from one of the funniest women in history:

My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. ~Erma Bombeck

Monday, December 5, 2011

A watched pot never boils

tomorrow's challenge is simple:

Don't do any cooking that requires water.

No boiling the spaghetti

You can't even watch the pot- and ensure it won't boil.

No rice, No hard boiled eggs...

you get the picture

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Time to Move

Oops I failed to post Day 7 which would have been Saturday
and then I failed to post the challenge for today!!
I am so sorry!!!
My only explanation is that I had a terrific weekend!!!!
My family and I had loads of fun!!
Mr. Rogers and I actually cooked together
and no one was injured!
We did the Once a Month Cooking Plan
But we only prepared one week.
Needless to say He chopped, I baked

He stirred, I spiced
and now we have 7 meals frozen and ready to
whip out when the holiday season gets busy!!

Rollercoaster and I went to MamaRiceCake's house for craft night on Saturday
and had a blast.
The Fence

Forrest went to basketball camp, had a friend over and was good and grumpy
for it on the way to church.
Alas, Happy Mouth is on restriction (nothing like senior year to slack off) and
we made her run all our errands for us since she couldn't go anywhere else!
She whined about what unfair parents we are, a pure sign we are doing something right!!
Anyway back on track. I did manage to not shower today
so I am calling that a score for a waterless challenge!

Tomorrow will be Day 9 and the challenge is this:

Do not wash your face all day.

This one is a bit dear to my heart for a good reason
My friend Lisa Brodie, that started Dig Deep Give Well with her husband Curtis,
 was so moved by something she saw while on medical mission in Africa about 5 years ago.

There was a young girl about 7 who had a baby on her back in a sling.
Not uncommon for this culture,
 as young girls are put in charge of younger siblings while the motherss work the fields.

The baby had a runny nose and eyes, due to a simple cold,
 and flies were all over her as the congestion was pouring out of her .

Lisa asked a doctor nearby why they didn't clean the baby.

The doctor's reply is what moved my friend to ACTION.

He said" There is no clean water for even the simple act of washing this child's face off.
 Over 80% of what we are treating in this village could be prevented if there was access to clean water."

This resignated in Lisa's heart and she let it lead her to MOVE.
My prayer is that we allow God to stir our hearts to beat so quickly that it results in the ultimate blood flow to our FEET!

As you feel a bit "icky" today  remember that all we are really doing is postponing   our water events.

We will eventually turn on our faucets and receive clean water.

Think today of those little ones who not.

But do not stop there-  let your thoughts bear fruit
May they consume us until everyone receives.

DDGW 2010

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 6

Tomorrow is going to be a big one for many
So let me just write it and then
back away as quickly as possible
from this blog 

and dodge the outbursts and
flying debris

okay here goes
Friday December 2, 2012 water Challenge is: