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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Road trip meal one

Waffle House is actually a fine establishment for a hungry and tired crew.  We went after the church rush and before the dinner crowd came in so we were in good shape and received personal attention.

Forrest was fascinated by the spinning stools at the counter, so she sat up there,
 while the older girls opted for their own booth and Mr. Rogers and I had a booth to ourselves.

Insert Romance here.
 I actually had a left over multi-colored birthday candle in my purse I could have used for ambiance but I held off.
   Don't want to spoil that man!!!

Anyway  we went wild and told the girls that they could order whatever they wanted and "Yes you may even have another coke- it doesn't matter if you already had one or not today." 
ATTN: Perfect mothers , here is where you judge me

Wow spinning stools and 2 cokes in one day? 
Who needs Universal?  We have it all right here!!

Forrest is in sugar heaven right now and is wearing that stool out; 
Spin left, now right , now left again,  Sip Sprite-Repeat

She decides to order off of the regular menu (not kids) and wants a cheeseburger with bacon.
She has a thing for ordering pig on cow.

We agree and she says "I want to order on my own"
Sounds good to us, we have been working on public conversing and politeness.
 I will now accept my "good mama badge " here.

We then over hear her asking Happy Mouth how to pronounce the name of the burger:

as you can imagine they were coaching her on the pronunciation minus a certain
consonant.  Hmmm...................................................  funny, yeah really funny.

This is with 3 girls, I keep telling myself it would be worse with boys right?

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  1. oh YES it would be worse... but that's ok. that candle still in your purse? i can't wait to see when it appears! if not at waffle house then when?