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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Savings Be Gone

So Universal was great.................................

We should have stayed.  No really  we should have.

The trip home , a normal 8 hour drive, took us 13 hours thanks to additional vehicle mayhem.
Cue the Allstate guy here...

We actually drove 2 cars home. Since the car wreck totaled out Happy Mouths car , we bought another one in Florida that Mr. Rogers mom had found.

The old car :  Honda Accord 1999 Silver
New car: Honda Accord 2002 Silver

Yeah I know we are exciting.

We leave out Friday morning . We have gone approximately 200 miles and the engine light
comes on.You remember this one right?

So for the next two hours at the Avenues Honda dealership we play mad libs online, eat popcorn and stare at new cars that actually work.

It ends of being the oxygen up taker thing a mi bob , or as I like to call it College Tuition Stealer.

Turns out it is sucking the life out of our gas. We can drive home with it safely and thank goodness because they don't have the part there anyway.

But they will gladly take $112 dollars to tell us this.

I now want to stab myself. 
Happy Mouth now tells us she is tired and just cant drive another minute. (God love her)
 So I take the van , Mr. Rogers takes the Accord.

45 minutes later I am pulled over by a police officer - NO LIE

It is all I can write now with out weeping  I will finish the tale tomorrow


  1. oh when y'all really have a vacation... you REALLY HAVE A VACATION...?! Wow. I'm so sorry. I'm hoping for a happy ending... but the way you needed to cliffhanger it, i'm thinking maybe you haven't lived the happy ending yet.
    i just want to hug you all and wave a wand over your cars or something.

  2. oh thank you I will take that hug!!!