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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Roadtrip Day 1

I must prerequisite this post with the fact that we have had INSANE days that have lead up to our vacation.
 We had random Sball practices, both school and travel and 3 days of 100 degree or higher heat. 
Throw in 23 loads of laundry-  yeah that's not a typo  23!!!
Husband out of pocket for 3 nights due to work,  down by one car due to the accident, both Happy Mouth and Rollercoaster have jobs to get to this week, and last but not least............

Mr.Rogers has a Deep Sea Fishing tournament on Saturday which translates to

"Well of course I would love to
Get the car serviced for the road,
Pack for the trip,
Take care of the dog kennel arrangements,
Get Rollercoaster to her tournament,
Clean the pool,
Get the mail stopped,
Go to the grocery store,
Cook, clean  and
stab my eyes out in the process!!!!"

Anyway,  I guess the 4 other children (that are not ours) that spent the night and ate us out of house and home didn't lessen the craziness.
 I can't help it -I love kids and a good movie night!!
Yeah that one is going to have to be filed under "SIS"- Self Inflicted Stress.
But that's another story.

So finally at 11:00 at night, after waking up 3 times to "remember" something and put it on the list for the morning,  I am good to go.

Our plans were to head to Orlando, Fl visit grandparents and go to Universal.  Yeah!!!!!!!!! 
Sounds fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     Sounds like a plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you heard the expression
"If you want to hear God laugh; tell Him your plans."?

God is undoubtedly clutching His stomach as the Angels wipe away His tears of Hysteria
at this very moment.


  1. I feel your pain. I've been stuck in Witchita Falls AND Tucson without working transmissions... or A/C. It SUCKS.

    I'll say this... at least it's not winter. And you're not in Montana! Then there'd be the whole danger of freezing to death thing... and Happy Mouth wouldn't be handling that well at all. Neither would Rollercoaster as it would require everyone to be touching her to maintian body heat.... ;)
    Hang in there buddy! oxoxo

  2. 23?!?! Oh that is just NOT right!