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Monday, June 20, 2011

Need vs Want

There are very few things in life that I actually HATE.
I don't like lots of things,
I put up with or tolerate lots of things.

Like  horseflies.
I really do not like them
But I am sure God has a purpose for them  and He knows better than I.

Also people who speak   v e r y   s l o w l y   with a deep southern drawl.
I truly tolerate them  as I imagine stabbing my eyes out.

Anyway  what I truly HATE is............ paperwork.
Of any kind ---of any sort.

I know my name and address  why do I need to write it out 1,000 times for someone to copy it in triplicate?

I HATE insurance,, medical, and school forms.
The beginning of school makes me want to go Amish thanks to all the forms.
I live in a small town  
Ummm....they KNOW me.
 I am on my third child through this school.
The secretary and I lunch together a couple times a year. Geez!!!

But it is all required.
And because I HATE  it so much I put it off and off and off...............
until there is a mountain of it!!

So yesterday I finally have to face it  -
ALL of it.  BLAH!!

I would have rather have eaten bugs...okay chocolate covered bugs  but still.
We could play "Would You Rather"  and I would pick whatever was "Rather"
than paperwork.

So finally 3 hours later and a "Pretend I'm not home " moment when the Jehovah Witness woman came by and  I finished.

So I feel I must treat myself at this point.
This all falls into that category of doing what I  "have to do " instead of what I "want to do".

So I have decided to declare a "WANT TO" festival.

I am going to keep a list of things I have wanted to do and every Tuesday I WILL do them.

Why Tuesday?   Why not? 

It's a boring day and it needs some spice and I need some fun.
So check in tomorrow---

I invite you to join me  and do something fun you have been puttin' off
 and DO it and ENJOY it!!!

Just make sure it is paperwork free.

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