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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Back in the Blog

I am looking at my blog and the last time I posted was in April!!!!
  I am so bad  about stuff.
In my defense we do have a dinosaur of a computer that we restart at least 4 times a day.
I wish it would just spontaneously combust.  We cannot afford a new one.

In fact we cant afford anything.
We look so good on paper, we really do.
I really have no reason to complain just be concerned.
We are investing over half of our income per month in our children's education.
I'm banking on it paying off.

Happy Mouth is in college (and in love-much more to come on that)
Rollercoaster (who is getting a new name) is in private school
and Forrest is receiving private tutoring for some struggles.
And I am eating cardboard as a meal replacement plan......

I am grateful that we are able to do these things.
There was very little assistance (if any) for college.
Someone at the University of Alabama is definitely making "BANK" (so the new phrase according to Rollercoaster)

Private school was NOT on the books or the budget, but was a well reasoned request by Rollercoaster. And she is thriving.
Academically, Spiritually, Socially.
  It was a gamble and it is paying off
But the house always gets paid, so I am working two jobs.

Forrest needs some instruction and I feel we have found the right place-
 but its not the free place.
 Prostitution's not an option-- but neither is failure..
so  I am going to have to get creative on finances

The good new is I have a great computer at work
So lunch hour is looking like blog hour.. and hopefully some regular blogging.

After all our lives are too funny and when I'm old and senile I want to read about this great family that loved each other a whole lot , loved God and laughed often.