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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thank you Willie

So we are finally, in the words of Willie Nelson  "On the Road Again"

 Except I don't remember any lyrics about a $398 alternator  and a $200 tow?

Oh well,  this is the post where I need to give some  "shout outs"

First   to Diane and Terry from the Big "O" *Shell gas station  for all their kindness to us.  They not only provided us with a reliable mechanic and towing service on  a Sunday  but also transported our crew to the next exit (11 miles away) to a hotel and food

You are forever on my Christmas Card List

Next our towing service County Line Towing , specifically Danny Settles.
We hope you enjoy the snapper, it was our pleasure to provide you fresh caught  Gulf Seafood

Our mechanic Tim, who had that "Honda" piece imported all the way from Valdosta, Ga.  Your efficiency was much appreciated!!

Dalisa from the Best Western in Madison.  I hope the review you received form us promotes you!! You were so helpful as we were carless!!! (not a typo  car-less)

and last but not least to
 Teresa Jinright Rusell, owner  of Dream , and my friend who helped arrange a "package" deal to Universal Studios that we thought was only for the rich .
 Thanks for moving our dates by one day and handling all  the madness we could dish out!!!!!

God had extra love in store for us in the smallest of ways and the greatest of days.

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