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Monday, June 13, 2011

Universal Day one

Okay  I am way behind in the posting  partly because I have had a BLAST with my family at Universal
So let me just hit a few highlights of the trip

Rollercoaster is a Harry Potter Geek and I love it. I love the Harry Potter series. I think its inventive, imaginative and GOOD.  Yes I do .
 Now  I know other Christian friends who abort the series all together  and I respect their opinion and the fact that they choose to raise their kids with the best of intentions---so good for them. 
However I was hooked on the first movie, thanks to it's Christ-like sacrificial nature , but that is another whole story.

Anyway Rollercoaster  has read every book, several times and was chomping at the bit to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.   

Mr. Rogers not only arranged the on site accommodations but also early entry into the park by one hour

Did   you hear me  EARLY ENTRY!!!!

Rollercoaster ,a notoriously Non-morning person . was up , dressed , and at the door before I figured out how to work the single cup coffee machine
 HINT:  Look for the word "BREW" if your ever in the same situation.

Anyway off we go , catching the boat that comes to take us to Isles of Adventure, Universal Studios
(Who knows is I plug 'em enough maybe I can get some payback from the money pit vacation...more to follow)

We head straight to the castle ride.
 The one where people waited in the heat for 9 hours to get to on opening day.
 (The only event you should ever wait that long for should be a meeting with Jesus and Praise His Father , He never makes you wait that long)

Mr. Rogers also got us Express Pass, which gets you to the head of the line (and incidentally  gripes from those who have waited for an hour as you walk by).

Yeah Mr. Rogers you are batting a thousand.   How did I get so lucky???

The ride was great  but the look on Rollercoasters face was worth every dime!!!   Even Happy Mouth  who could care less and scoffs at those "who are boring enough to read"  was way into it!!!

We then proceeded to ride the Dueling Dragons ,which we went back to 4 more times (thank you express pass!!!) , shopped at  Honeycourts, Zonkos, and caught a singing toad side-show.

 We also ate at the 3 Broomsticks.

 Mr . Rogers thought that was perfectly named restaurant  to take the girls to.

 What the heck is he talking about?

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