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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Mr. Rogers is the best daddy a girls could ask for.
And that is a good thing, considering he has 3 of them.
But today's post is about our fathers, Mr. Rogers and mine.

You see both of us have wonderful men that raised us.
They taught us about honesty, kindness and generosity.

They were living examples of hard work and high morals.
They showed us what sacrifice  and a patient attitude

They lived out a life of love, each in their own way, and passed it to us.

But the greatest thing that our father's each taught us was choice.

You see, as strange as it may seem, both Mr. Rogers and I have never met our biological fathers.

My father left us before I was born and his never stayed when he knew there was a pregnancy.

His mother married when he was 2.     My mother when I was 4

So the men who raised us, who protected us,
 who provided for us, are the very ones who didn't have to.

But they did.

They love us

because they choose to love us.

A real man chooses.
 A real father stays by that choice.

And we are forever grateful.

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