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Monday, June 6, 2011

Here's Your Sign

The road trip begins; but not before (a small detail I left out of yesterday's post) we have a sprained ankle from Rollercoast in the second game of the tournament!!! Sure throw some crutches into the gig, why not?

Anyway  we roll on out of our neck of the woods at 6:00 with a comment from Mr. Rogers.
"Hey how long has the battery light been on?"

-We should have just changed cars right then and there or rented a car  but instead...............

We just shrugged our shoulders and I answered
 "I don't know maybe they giggled the gages when they changed the oil yesterday?"

It sounded good at the time and Mr. Rogers and I bought it
You know the theory  "Ignore it I'm sure it will go away"

We were really counting on that theory

It was not to be....
All was well for about 300 miles   then the lonely red battery light
was joined by the orange "check engine" light.
Now that is a lot to ignore,,,,,,  but as if we were even thinking of such a thing 
The car read our minds and added some random flipping of the indicator arrows on the RPM panel and  speedometer  then  all the lights on the dashboard went out......

and finally the gears were shifting on their own and the car was a chug -chugging in violent convulsions
that left no doubt , even the most optimistic....

The denial was over,

We officially had car trouble.

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