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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Waterless Days

 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Everyone is in the mood to be thankful,
to remember all they have been blessed with
 and all that God has done for them, especially this past year.

We all think of the basics:
 family,   friends,   jobs,
homes,  food on the table,
clean water to drink,
access to medical care,
and on  and on.

And then it is as if Friday brings out the dark beasts
 of complaining,
short sightedness,
greed and negativism
that we allow the other 364 days of the year.

Know wonder they call it Black Friday!!!

But here is what God has laid on my heart  :

The Water Challenge.

We as a family are involved in providing wells in Tanzania.(

Happy Mouth recently went to Africa
this summer to help provide a well in the village of Ndevesi .
Don't bother trying to find it on google earth
 it doesn't show up!!-now that's "remote" !!

And yes I need to blog and provide more pictures (senior year is killing me!!)
So here it is the challenge and I hope you will join me:

  • Everyday I will be blogging on water.
  • I have listed everyday things that we do with water.
  • Each day I will and challenge you to give up one aspect of water and

This will continue until Christmas Day
 and for extra measure of compassion
 I have thrown in a complete water fast day on the 15th of December.
(click on the link for instructions)

The challenge will start on Sunday November 27th  and end on Christmas day- 
30 waterless days

I hope you will join me
I realize I have 3 followers but if you ll re post
 then together we can bring more awareness
of Africa's water crisis and cultivate of  attitude of gratefulness
 instead of taking for granted the basic blessings of God,
 that here in America and other developed countries we have everyday.

Tomorrow I will post the "ways of water" 
(all the ways we use it)
and challenge you to pick a different one everyday to give up.

 And please let me know what you did and how it went!!!

Until then- enjoy your Thanksgiving ,
 undoubtedly made with water, and
celebrate the enormously costly gift of Living Water through Jesus!!

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