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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Time keeps on slippin.....

Into the future.

Thank you Steve Miller Band.

I can't believe it has been almost four months since I have blogged.!!
It's such a shame really because so many wonderful things have happened and I have truly been
spot on with the funny!!

I am going to try to write everyday about something or someone
and not worry about making it spectacular .

I truly stress over the typing part b/c I'm a "looker of the keys" when I type
and I type so fast I am extra grateful for spellcheck!!

Just for the record I have not been
sitting on my hindquarters eating bon-bons.
(which I think I am entitled to as a Trophy Wife" and all)

I have sent off one daughter to Africa - without I might add, becoming an alcoholic while waiting for her return!! 
Gotten another through middle school successfully (snaps for bamammama)

I have been attending 6 Vball games a week and a tournament
every single weekend since the August plus a few Sball tournaments on a few Sundays.

 Throw in a few 100 practices, the beginning of school for Happy Mouth,
 Rollercoaster and Forrest , and my new teaching gig 3 times a week
 and you are starting to get a glimpse of the madness.

Add a dash of travel to help my mother, 2 college visits,
surgery consultations, doctor appointments
and the addition of 2 cats and you get what  my sister and I refer to as
"self inflicted stress" or "SIS"

So here I am on November 8th-Rollercoaster's B-day!!!

Mr. Rogers and Rollercoaster
She is 15 today!!! Can't believe it !!!!! 

That is how grown up she is , but in my heart I see this:

Tomorrow I will take her to get her drivers permit.
Soon she will be driving on her own.

She is actually interested in attending Alabama Math and Science High School.

She would have to live on campus.  That would make her away from home.

This would mean 2 out of 3 of my girls would leave home at the same time!!!
This is a whole nother story- but the point is

She is growing up. They all are.

And they will keep growing...........

and I will keep loving them.

Today is a great day

I can't freeze or rewind the time
but I can do today
I can do now

and I intend to do it well before it to

slips into the future.

Happy Birthday My Sweet One!!!

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  1. Two at the same time? When Elizabeth went off to college, I cried for two months and she was two minutes away! So, I think you will need some "Wo" time. I'm thinking some fun, sun and rum. I love you guys.