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Saturday, November 12, 2011

One in a million, one of a kind

Okay I love the fact that each of my girls has her own unique personality.

Sometimes I look at them together and think
 " How did these all come from the same womb?"
 (And I might add here the same loins of the father)

People often remark to me on how different they each are,
not just in looks but also in personality.

The oldest we know and have heard about often
(hey what can I say Happy Mouth provides me with plenty of material)

But Rollercoaster who has become a freshman this year is bit more of a Closed book
 with ever-changing covers.
 Once you think you have a clue-- BAM!!
 She has changed her ways (or her mood) again.

She recently has been a bit more of a mystery than usual.

And as an A+ neurotic mother
 I worry     prepare.

......about peer pressure,

about friends (who they are or lack of)

Worry  Prepare just to worry prepare.
 (It’s my job.   I mean 97% of what I worry  prepare for never happens
 --so it must be working right?)

Just stay with me here…..

There is a project at school against drunk driving since homecoming is coming up.

So Rollercoaster volunteers to

Get this…………………..

Get taken by the Grim Reaper!

Yes none other  than THE Grim Reaper, you know the death caller.

She is one out of 30 that can be taken by drunk driving.

Sobering thought. No pun intended.

The cause is good.
To have awareness about NOT screwing up your or someone else’s life
by being stupid and drinking on homecoming weekend.

So here is how it works

The school has 1 in 30 kids volunteer for this project.
 Rollercoaster of course jumps right in.

The Grim Reaper appears at the student’s door, says nothing
but holds up a sign with their name on it.

The student then gets up and follows the Reaper,
puts on  a black shirt that says

“Is it worth it?"
on the front.
And 1 in 30 on the back.

They wear THIS SHIRT ALL DAY and are not allowed to speak to anyone
 the rest of the day b/c hypothetically they don’t exist anymore.
This does give me shivers. It should you too.

The reality is horrific.

Rollercoaster comes home and explains the scenario to me after school and exclaims

“It was awesome the Grimm Reaper came and had my name on a sign.

 I left, put my shirt on and didn’t talk to anyone all day.!!!!"It was Awesome!!!”

Really not being able to talk to anyone all day?

I would curl up and die and so would Happy Mouth

Not  Rollercoaster

My shy , maybe I will speak today- maybe I won’t - child.

She was on cloud 9, hog heaven, happier than a pig in mud!!

Yep!!! She promoted a good cause and got to do it by being virtually invisible

In Rollercoaster's world that is the stuff of legends!!!

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