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Sunday, November 27, 2011

One Down 29 to GO

okay y'all I am headed to bed and I will NOT
get my customary glass of cold water
I was so one of those kids who asked "for a cup of water" about 3 times and drove my parents crazy.

I am opting not to brush my teeth
I already feel fuzzy.....

I will go to bed thirsty and wake up thirsty

BY no means do I mean to suggest that I am
as thirsty as those in Africa or other parts of the world that lack clean water.

I am just trying to get closer to their situation than I was before.
And I hope you will to so that
together things can change.

I will probably really notice the thirst as I wake throughout the night.

I keep a glass of water by my bed and drink out for it when I get dry.
I'm pretty sure I do it in my sleep.

But not tonight.

That being said, the water challenge for tomorrow is :  (drum roll please)

Do not use any ICE. 
Yes ice, that would be frozen water. :)

So no ice in the teas which might just mean no ice tea
Hang in there my Southern Sisters!!!

See you tomorrow

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