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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1 in 4

I did not fail today. I didn't have a coke or tea!!
Tomorrow's assignment is--- and I know this is going to gross everyone out

but try to think of the immunity building opportunities!!

Here goes:
Do not wash your hands for an entire day.

Grossing you out?

Think you might pick up a germ or two?

Afraid you might get sick?

You might ,

But is probably will not be deadly.
In Africa it very well is.

1 out of 4 deaths, under the age of 5 worldwide are  due to

To bring this alive: 
Take a look at the picture of the children above

There are 8
1 out of 4 can die--  that is 2 children gone from the 8

1 out of 4 are dying.

So what does not washing your hands tomorrow have to do with this;
and how could it possibly help save anyone?

YOU can help
YOU can change statistics
YOU can change history

I hope by giving up something water related each day
it will cause you to be mindful
and grateful.

Mindful of another's plight
and grateful enough to give.

Give your prayers, give your time , give your money.

one organization that builds wells in rural Africa.

It has made a difference already in over 5,000 peoples lives.
Check out the web page for facts,solutions and opportunities.

Pray with us
Come to Africa with us
Inspire your community, school, place of worship to be the solution for the 1 in 4.

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  1. OK... but if I'm not washing my hands all day... I'm also not gonna poop. Living on nothing but cheese is the only way this is plausible. I'm going take a page from Jack's book and go with a 30 cheese stick ration.