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Monday, November 28, 2011

No dice on ice

okay  I messed up
I am all into the water challenge and yet in the midst of my day
I had to do a chick fa la drive thru

all in between  school, tutoring and b-ball practice
I somehow forgot to eat ..........
and I swear I was going to pass out or eat my own liver if I didn't
get some food.

so after getting my kids meal with lemonade I realize
that my drink has ice in it and I am a loser

Hope you were more successful.

Anyway I am way tired
Mr. Rogers is out of town for his yearly hunting camp

when the girls turned 13, 10 and 6  he felt the need to relieve a little stress
and hunting was the only legal killing he could do. 
But that's another story

Anyway  I'm turning in early tonight

Tomorrows challenge is this:
No sodas, pop, cokes  whatever you call em'

They all need water to make them  and they are off the list for tomorrow

and remember why we are doing it and think of those who dont have the same choices

and I let it make you act on thier behalf.

let me know if you did better on the ice gig

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