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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Water Challenge Day One

Today we made it back home to Sweet Home Alabama.

It's always good to see family but oh how sweet it is to be home.......

Tomorrow we are going to decorate for Christmas .
I love this part of Christmas....
everyone else .....
well not as much.

So looks like tomorrow will contain a bit of Forced Family Fun
or the triple "F" as we refer to it at times

But it also start the 30 day water challenge.

So to start things off I will make it simple.

In the a.m. I will brush my teeth

and I will think about how easy it is to get it straight out of the faucet.

I will be glad it is cold and doubly glad it is clean.

But at night the challenge for me and you will be this:

Pretend that after your evening meal you have NO available water.

So that means no sleepy time tea for me,
or chocolate milk for the kids (it it takes water to make it -its off limits)

and (brace yourself for the grossness)

Now I have crashed out of exhaustion before with out  polishing the pearls,
but this time I am going to do it because "I will have no water."

Now you and I both know we do- but I am going to act  like I don't and dwell on that a bit.

I am sure it will start to bother me
and in the morning when my smile is covered with the velvet funk
I (along with others) are going to notice.

So there is Sundays challenge : NO WATER RELATED ANYTHING AFTER DINNER

I'll let you know how it goes
I plan to greet Mr. Rogers with some love first thing in the morning
I am sure we will be equally "freshtastic!!"


  1. That's quite a challenge and one I'm sure will teach or reinforce appreciation. Kudos to you for taking it on.

    Stopping by from @MamaRiceCake's #SundayFunday!

  2. thanks! My girls were less than thrilled but ranked it above poking their own eyes out with a fork so I'm claiming success!!!
    I love that MamaRiceCake she is the hilarious other half of me, not that Mr. Rogers isn't funny and all.............but you know a girls gotta have another warped mind to relate with!