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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A picture worth 1,000 words of comfort and joy

This picture is from the all girls orphanages in Tanzania .
My sweet Happy Mouth is in the middle .
This is a sweet loving picture for many reasons.
I am so glad they are there holding, loving those who long for it.
These sweet children have very little and what they did have , their parents
were taken from them.
Yet look at their faces
Smiling , Playful, Tender
Look closely at Happy Mouth (blue dress, brown braid) she
has a pair of little hands at the bottom of her braid!!
Twirling her hair. All you can see is the hands just playing with her hair.
It is so sweet.
She has a child balanced on each leg and one playing with her hair!!
But I see more...
and forgive me if it is selfish
I see my baby
I see her and I miss her
I see her content
I see her joyful
and my fears
and my worries
melt away
and my prayers
not in vain.
God has been so faithful through
out the whole Africa adventure
and I keep praying for Him
to spiritually prepare her
for all that she will do
see and experience
and for all that He has for her.
That smile


  1. So awesome to say the very least. All the children look really happy in this picture and you can only imagine the memories each of them are creating and storing for years to come. Fortunately I have no first hand experience of what those children are living like for their childhood but it is clear with the visit from our wonderful DDGW team they will experience much love and compassion while in the presence of the group.

    God is so amazing and the work He does through DDGW will bless thousands in Africa...this picture is proof of a few He will touch.


  2. not selfish. you're absolutely right. (Precious picture - wise mama who sees the hand of God in it.)

  3. Well said, sweetheart.


  4. She is so happy there
    She said today she saw an elephant!!!
    Thanks you for all the prayers
    Go God!!!