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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Africa Day 2 continued

I received a text from Happy Mouth at 5:27 our time.
Tanzania is 8 hours ahead-so they get to tomorrow before we do.
  Hmmm I need a friend there to connect with
. I mean I could check in if I am having a bad day
 and see if tomorrow looks better!

 I think the conversation would go like this:

Me: Hey I having a rough day today. What is up there

Tanza :  Oh !  Yeah yesterday was a bit rough but I have great news!

Me: Oh yeah what ?

Tanza: I just woke up and the day is great !!!! My headache is gone, the sun is shining.
 Trust me by the time you wake up things will be A okay!

Me:  Oh good Thank you so much!!

Tanza: No problem  His mercies are new every morning - your just 8 hours away!!!

So  that was an optimists imagination at work but it couldn't hurt to have a hook up for a preview!!

First stop for the Dig Deep team  the Arusha orphanage:

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