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Sunday, July 24, 2011

time to pick up your daughter

I have been counting down the days until Happy Mouth comes home from Africa.

I have filled my time with intentional choices

I have had a great time with Rollercoaster and Forrest.

I have read and had extra quiet time.

I visited my family in Kentucky and laughed alot!!

I have been on my knees praying more than usual

I have taken on a few home projects.  Forrest and I painted her room.

It looks great but I was a mess afterwards.  Why walk all the way across the room for a rag when you can just use your "paint" shirt? right

Well needless to say I was spotted pretty well with white, black and neon green paint. (yes you read that correctly)  Forrest has chosen neon green above the chair rail and   wait for it....
zebra stripes below.  


I was finishing up because I needed to get Happy Mouth and the rest of the crew at 3 from the airport.

I was about to bust from the moment I got up.  So I occupied my time by obsessing over the perfect zebra stripe and cleaning Happy Mouth's room so she would have a clam and decluttered room to come home to.

The clock hits 1:30  and I hop in the shower  and I scrub  and I scrub  and I scrub 

"How the heck did the paint get in that area?" I wonder

As I am soaped  up and re shaving my legs for the third time (it seemed to get the paint off best)  Mr. Rogers invades my space and says "Babe , you ready to pick up your daughter?"

I instantly have De ja vue

These are the same words he spoke to me when I was in the shower 17 1/2 years ago.

Happy Mouth had an eventful birth.  Thinking back on it now, I really should have seen her independent spirit and attention getting antics as a sign of the future.

She was full term.  I had a pampered and healthy first pregnancy.

It was the way she came into the world that was the wave maker.
You can check that story out .here.

The point is we had to leave the hospital without Happy Mouth.
She had to be in NICU  for 5 days.

It was serioslly one of the hardest things I have ever done.
I went up twice a day, pumped milk for the nurses to give her , and prayed like crazy.

I am sensing a theme here - that girl always gets me on my knees and closer to God.
No wonder she is cut out for missions.

Anyway the call finally came and I was in the shower.
This shower was equally as long but it was because I was moving like a sloth.
Everythin still hurt.

So as I was rinsing out the cinditioner Mr. Rogers invades my space and says
"Babe ,you ready to pick up your daughter?"

I am elated that today she gets to come home!
"more than ready" I say and I hop (okay lean on him and pray not to fall) out of the shower.

I remember this moment as I am standing naked and wet in the shower of a differnet day.
Mr Rogers is waiting for my response.
"So ready" I smile .

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