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Friday, July 15, 2011

Good news from a distant land

I will just ler her say it.....
(the typos are related to the sleep or lack there of.....

I have no other way of putting info out there except for via facebook from an incredibly slow computer at a missiony home we were so BLESSED to stay at tonight!!!
We have hot(ish) showers :) yesterday we visited an orphanage for young girls
 i made a friend named Razeeke her name literally meaning "i have nothing"
 makes my heart ache these orphans brought tears to my eyes
 not only tears of sorrow but tears of extreme joy
 as they sang Jesus loves me in english for us
 they also taught us a song which i can not get out of my head
 it is in swahili but the english version means
 God is able therre is no one like you father.
 Today we visited an orphanage out in the bush very dry and dusty area and it is a 11 mile drive
 that took 2 hrs and 40 min because it was up a mountion and all the roads arre dirt
 we got to talk to a massi warrior who told us of his process of killing a lion
so much more has happened but because this computer is so slow
 im gonna have to wrap it up even though my mother is probley the only one reading this!
love you all pray for the windmill well to be completed in time -Ash.

That is the best news!!!  and I want every one to read it!!!


  1. thank you for writing! what a gift you are, and such a sweet spirit. I'm grateful for your going, and you (and the orphans you have met) have my prayers.

  2. Thank you so much This is the longest communication I have had from her since she left.
    Thank you for your prayers!!

  3. Many of us are reading and excited to hear any news whatsoever. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all of you as you continue on this wonderful journey. Brad