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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We are at the beach---the glorious beach!!!

How can one be bored?

The Iphone, cable, Internet generation will find a way:

That is not my problem

Who could not love the beautiful ocean and God's awesome creation?

Let me list a few of the amenities this week has to offer:

THE Ocean--- in particular  the sandy white beaches of the Gulf  of Mexico

A pool

A dock on the bayou filled with fish for catching,
and dolphin (the porpoise) for watching
and one baby hammer head for avoiding (more on that later)

Random made strawberry slushies

hair wraps
feather braids
henna tattoos

and fireworks!!!!!

so I read something once and I am going to claim it now:

"Only boring people are bored"

Don't exactly remember where I read it but I'm taking it.

so kids when y'all are bored remember this line
I know Happy Mouth, Rollercoaster , and Forrest are anything but


1 comment:

  1. I'm SOOO guilty! I'm boring. I know it. I blogged it. I AM BORING, but I wouldn't be boring at a beach.

    wait. does that count? no. i need to be not boring here AND not boring at a beach. ugh.

    have fun!!!