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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

where have I been?

Oh my goodness.  I have not blogged in almost a month!!

So much for starting that stellar following and becoming independantly wealthy via online!!

Ha!! Anyway  after getting Happy Mouth back from Africa  I was in a whirlwind

I was overwhemlmed to have her back and overjoyed to hear all about her experiences!!

I will be posting pics soon
There are over 600 and thats not even the videos!!!

She has less to unpack than what she went with
Due to the fact that she either gave away or bartered all her clothes, toiletries , sleeping bag, chair and mosqito spray!!!

She actually traded the mosquito spray for a necklace she gave me

Much appreciated but I gave her the mosquito spray so she
would NOT get Malaria!!!
I told her to file that under "things not to tell your mother about Africa!"

Anyway  I am posting this video of her speaking at her youth group.
I am so very proud of her!!!

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  1. so glad to see you back! and HM, of course!

    where's the video...? i'm missing it.