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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Time to Move

Oops I failed to post Day 7 which would have been Saturday
and then I failed to post the challenge for today!!
I am so sorry!!!
My only explanation is that I had a terrific weekend!!!!
My family and I had loads of fun!!
Mr. Rogers and I actually cooked together
and no one was injured!
We did the Once a Month Cooking Plan
But we only prepared one week.
Needless to say He chopped, I baked

He stirred, I spiced
and now we have 7 meals frozen and ready to
whip out when the holiday season gets busy!!

Rollercoaster and I went to MamaRiceCake's house for craft night on Saturday
and had a blast.
The Fence

Forrest went to basketball camp, had a friend over and was good and grumpy
for it on the way to church.
Alas, Happy Mouth is on restriction (nothing like senior year to slack off) and
we made her run all our errands for us since she couldn't go anywhere else!
She whined about what unfair parents we are, a pure sign we are doing something right!!
Anyway back on track. I did manage to not shower today
so I am calling that a score for a waterless challenge!

Tomorrow will be Day 9 and the challenge is this:

Do not wash your face all day.

This one is a bit dear to my heart for a good reason
My friend Lisa Brodie, that started Dig Deep Give Well with her husband Curtis,
 was so moved by something she saw while on medical mission in Africa about 5 years ago.

There was a young girl about 7 who had a baby on her back in a sling.
Not uncommon for this culture,
 as young girls are put in charge of younger siblings while the motherss work the fields.

The baby had a runny nose and eyes, due to a simple cold,
 and flies were all over her as the congestion was pouring out of her .

Lisa asked a doctor nearby why they didn't clean the baby.

The doctor's reply is what moved my friend to ACTION.

He said" There is no clean water for even the simple act of washing this child's face off.
 Over 80% of what we are treating in this village could be prevented if there was access to clean water."

This resignated in Lisa's heart and she let it lead her to MOVE.
My prayer is that we allow God to stir our hearts to beat so quickly that it results in the ultimate blood flow to our FEET!

As you feel a bit "icky" today  remember that all we are really doing is postponing   our water events.

We will eventually turn on our faucets and receive clean water.

Think today of those little ones who not.

But do not stop there-  let your thoughts bear fruit
May they consume us until everyone receives.

DDGW 2010

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