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Saturday, December 10, 2011

so sorry

I'm so sorry I have missed a few challenges.

I have been sick,
not just under the weather
or yuk icky sick

but really increasingly sick.

And yesterday it all reared its ugly head-

in a mutant dragon like fashion!
an accurate picture of the germ attacking me!!
So I am truly sorry for the delay. 

As I type this it is Saturday at 3:00 in the afternoon.

I have been vertical for about 30 total minuted since last night.

I have been drinking tons of water, keeping it by my bed

 sipping it between hacks and gags.

As much as I am drinking why I am still dry as a bone?

Where in the world is my body taking it?

As sick as I am, I'm totally grateful

I'm in a warm bed

with cool water at my side

and a Walgreens down the corner.

I will recover from this illness,

I will be myself again in a few days
and I all will be back to normal.

It's just a wicked cold/infection of some sort.

If I didn't  have water  my outlook would be different

It could lead to a much worse condition and possibly catching
another type of infection.

But at the very least it would prolong the illness without a doubt.

So today's post is not so much about what water product to give up
but about thinking and dwelling on
ALL that we have

simply available 

and being grateful.

But I really want everyone to be able to have the simple gift of water.

And more than that :
 To let them know that they are loved .

Loved by God Almighty.

How will they know?

We will show them.

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  1. Well said, sweet niece. Well said. I love you dearly and am so very proud of you.