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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sweet Embrace

"Mom, we're okay-but we were in a car wreck"

Words that will stop you on a dime. 
They were uttered to me over the phone by Rollercoaster about 10 after 3. 

My eyes got wide and my heart beat faster but I was grateful that I was  listening to her voice and not that of a police officer.

"Where are you?" I managed to say.
 "Hwy 31-- just past Stockton road"

"I am on my way"  I click the receiver , stand up moving quickly and tell Forrest "Get your shoes your sisters have been in a car wreck"

She immediately goes into automatic pilot.
She grabs shoes, yells at the dog to "get in the house"
I put on a pair of flip flops that I realize later have pink zebras on them and are a size too small.

We race to the car and head to the accident scene, which is 9 miles away

9 long miles.

 As soon as we pass the bridge I ask Forrest to call Mr. Rogers and let him know.(Have to get out of AT&T dead zones first)
She obeys, relays info and tells him that "Yeah mom is good, she is breathing:"

Forrest and I randomly  pour out praise to God for His protection and pray for any and all involved.

I see the lights now and pull up to see both Happy Mouth and  Rollercoaster both standing with the officer.

There are 2 other cars and everyone seems to be in good condition,

I park next to a row of mailboxes  and walk to the girls.

A sweeter embrace I have never known

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  1. ACK?! Oh my goodness! Sweet scene, you and Forrest praising God during that drive...