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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Ugly Truth

My gender can be a big fat PITA (pain in the ass).  There it was said!!!
Feminists are rising up across the nations, macho bikers are yelling an "Amen " and my husband is smiling in affirmative silence.
But here me out.  I love being a woman (and no I am not going to roar.)
 I love being nurturing, strong, and flirty.  I loved being pregnant, nursing and being made love to by my husband.
 What I can’t handle is what each and every female possesses.
 Regardless of age or position, marital status or economic level, sexual preference or beliefs;
every female has it and every female exercises it. 
 It has always existed and can be seen throughout history for both good and evil. 
 It has two sides, it is as complex and diverse as the female it resides in.  What is it?
 Why  Influation  of course!! 
What ?       Not a real word?   
I beg to differ, in fact I am emailing urban dictionary right now.
Influation:  (N)   The genetic makeup that lives in every woman from birth.  The Influation cell houses a single strength of DNA that separates the girls from the boys.
(V) The strength and ability that God gave women that  is so powerful it can sacrifice itself without blinking an eye or burn you alive in a single glance. 
I have it.
 You have it.
She has it.
 It  will be used in  one way or another and often both.
YOU will take your strength and use it for
 influence or manipulation.
Plain and simple.

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