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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blessed Reality

Having three girls is an incredibly wild and frustratingly blessed privilege. 
 To say we have drama is to say that water is wet. 
What we have declared early on though is the family motto " Suck it up Buttercup”
Drama has a life of its own,  so why feed the monster?
  As if having 3 girls each in a different stage of life wasn’t challenge enough I also teach 4 preschool girls.
  Hmmmm........ let’s see.

 17 year old who thinks the world orbits around her –check
(Keeps my head banging on a regular basis.)
 14 year who rides the middle school roller coaster of emotion every 15 minutes; -check
(Providing my schizophrenic counseling and fake- it- till- you- make it moments)
 10 year old who is caught in between chasing frogs and painting her nails -check
(Creating panic and apathy all in the same day)
4- 3 year old girls to teach and continually state the obvious at preschool-check
(Requiring my constant redirection and demands of kindness)
One fabulous, patient, God-given husband that keeps us from killing each other-PRICELESS

I need to state the first rule of this blog:          
    It will be real.
 Full of gratitude, but authentic and even a bit ugly.

  So be my blessed reality.

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