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Thursday, January 9, 2014

LOVE is spelled TIME

I do not like to be bored. 
"Idle hands are the devils workshop."
"Necessity is the mother of invention."

These two proverbs have proven their wisdom time and again.
I have been both the criminal and the genius with my time.

I like to get stuff done. I do. I’m a huge list maker. 
It helps me get my thoughts in order and I like the feeling
 I get when I cross and item off!!
 Yeah accomplishments!!
But in my pursuit of conquering said list I get tunnelvisioned  into tackling the tasks, 
and before I know it I missed life in real time. 

What will fill my time?

Wanting so badly to get the dishwasher unloaded I dismissed a little one who wanted to help mama.
Wanting it done just so that I lost the opportunity to make a new friend.
Crossing it all off only to look up and see the day has passed me by.

Trying to get to a state of “doneness” so I could get on with life bit me in the bum. 

Because, life, REAL LIFE, was happening all around me .
important times

 The items on any daily list should  be worked into the main event, not be the main event.
How often are we guilty of the reversal?  Working our families, our marriages, our friendships into sidebars as we plow through our “to do’s”.
crazy time

time well spent
Time’s ticking can neither be slowed nor halted, but it can be gathered.
Gathered into poignant moments that lead to precious memories.
Even in the midst of our daily deeds.

Don’t let time tick away without purpose.
Take back your time from meaningless tasks,
mindless entertainment and unproductive thoughts.

Refuse to have an attitude of tackling time because you might just get sacked.

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