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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The days of my life

I'm feeling sassy, so I am delving into an area I normally don't
(except for the occasional let's debate with my DC cuz-but that's another story)


I am not about to shove anything down your throat or even directly express my opinion
I'm just going to tell you about "a day in my life"

In the past 24 hours I have done a few things

In the house:

I have made dinner, breakfast and lunch
 cleaned up a kitchen, swept 3 floors
Done 4 loads of laundry -all put up I might add
Shocked the pool, fed the cats, cleaned out my car
watered flowers

In my office:

I have called on a family member,
 checked my email,
 texted answers to emergency ?'s :
 is my blue shirt clean?,
can I have $5.00,
can you check me out I am so bored!!
what is for dinner?

you know the text that make me so glad I gave them phones

I have
signed permission slips
returned phone calls from schools,

I made financial decision:

booked a dorm room for my graduate
Looked at comforter sets,
started a to buy and budget for college
lowered the spending cash
planned meals and grocery budget
opened mail and gone over bills

and I have done a few more things too

Attended a board meeting
Made decision on a non profit endeavour
Delivered items to schools
Purchased water for fundraisers
Driven children to school and back

I have also done some things that don't really fit on a list but have great value when done over and over

I have watched my child do a first time thing at school- and excited to see her get out of bounds with herself. 
She was on the announcement!!  CNN will call any day!

I have nursed a headache from another child

Aided in homework and discussed plans for the future with another child

I have been busy raising children, sweet children I love

I have also gotten grouchy with my spouse (imagine....)
Held my tongue ( I surely have almost bitten it off) and gone through the cycle of
conviction and forgiveness

That takes lots of energy-believe me

I have taken my multi vitamins, ran 3 miles, and tried a new smoothie drink
I have read my Bible, read a chapter of a book, and called my mother

So what is the big deal about all this work, you say?

Okay here is the punch line:  I wasn't paid
not a red cent, no compensation package,
no tangible perks like a Vegas weekend  or a car allowance

I don't expect any of that .
 Knew it wasn't part of the deal.
I am good with that.

But you see this is one day of my life
The day with all that WORK in it and it is only 4 o'clock

So.......... what does this mean?

According to the latest political statements, this makes me "Ann Romney",

My life is filled with days "I never worked " in my life

and guess what I'm good with that too.

Told you I was feeling sassy!

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